About Us

Our LappyKart.com seller account was : Online_Shoping Used refurbished laptop.

Soon after, we started our own Brand LappyKart.com offering the same Products with Cheaper Prices, Better Quality checking and enhanced after sales support (30 days Warranty & 100 % Genuine). 

All our laptops are thoroughly tested by our staff and then shipped to the customer by trusted shipping Partners. Honest Computers give 30 days warranty on our Machines purchased from LappyKart.com from the date of purchase on parts and labor. In all our online presence, we sell High-End Products with High RAM and Powerful Solid State Disks which makes all our used laptops high end despite them being Used laptop. We replace normal HDD’s of the machines with SSD’s which make them very high speed. However, if you want a computer with Normal specification you can customise it during Ordering or contact us for any other sales related queries. The Price will then be quoted according to the specifications. Please note that the price of laptops is not always constant. It can fluctuate and vary according to the market price, Demand and Technology.